Economy Pricing and Services

  • $75 Per Month

  • $100 One Time to Sign Up Fee

  • Marketing of Vacancy

  • Application and Online Lease

  • Tenant and Owner Portals

  • Ledgers and Accounting

  • You Self Manage the additional services

  • You Pay us if additional services are needed

  • Read Below

Summary. For those who want to manage or be involved more with the management of their property, we offer economy services.  These services are also offered in areas outside of Utah's wasatch front (outside of the counties below) where as a management company we are unable to travel the farther distance. Our full service pricing is only available in the counties of Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and portions of Weber, Wasatch, and Summit counties.

Services.  Economy pricing offers your tenant a portal.  A portal is where the tenant has their personal and contact information, copy of lease and application.  Tenants also pay rent through the portal.  You as a "partial acting" landlord also have a portal having your personal/contact information and financial ledgers (history of transactions).  You have access to the tenant's information and paperwork (leases/application).  Your portal allows us to pay and log expenses on your behalf, and allows us to pay you for rents received via check or transfer to your bank account.   At the same time, your tenants have access to your information (or can be provided by us).  This information allows the tenant to contact you with regards to maintenance, late rent, or any other communication.

We also have your property information within our system.  This information has the rental property address, rent/deposit information, and physical characteristics (footage, parking, room count etc...).  This information is great for future use.  As your property becomes vacant, we then can list your property automatically through leasing agencies we use to advertise your vacancy and put them in contact with you.  You just inform us that the property is become vacant, of any additional property/term changes, and our system then lists the property for rent.  The tenants at that time can fill out a rental application online and pay the $65 application fee for us to run their credit report.  This does not cost you, but the tenant pays.  The lease can also be filled out online.  However, the actual process of meeting out at the property and moving in a tenant would have to be done by you or if by us.  If  by us, it would be done as an additional service (see below).

Remember, using economy pricing keeps you involved with your rental property.  Your involvement means that you show the property when vacant, fill out the application and lease/terms then forward them to us via mail, photo, email.  You inform the tenant that we will contact them to set up their portal once their information is received by us from you.  You do sign with us a management agreement for one year authorizing us to be your agent/broker.  We are licensed through the Utah Division of Real Estate to collect money in your behalf.  However, with your "economy" involvement, you provide the additional services of renting, collecting, requests for maintenance, property inspections, complaints etc... (see additional services below).

Pricing.  Economy price is $75 per month with a one time $100 set up fee (portals/property set ups etc...). If the tenant does not pay, you still pay and cover the $75.


Additional Services Available.  We realize one of the reasons you use economy pricing is to save money.  This also saves us additional time on services that we would provide with full service.  In the event that you need additional help in the management of your property, we offer the following services and pricing when you sign up with us.  These economy services are offered to all of Utah in the event you are unable to perform them:

  • Credit Reports and Screening. As noted above, tenants can apply and pay through us and the website. The application fee is $65 and is not refundable once we begin the work. Once the application and payment is received by us  we verify rental and employment history as well as run the credit report.  The slowest part in this process generally, is the time the prior landlord finally gets back to us.  So let any tenant prospects know to inform their prior landlord that their rental history will be asked for.  This also would be a good time to make sure that the prior landlord has been given notice.  If the tenant states that they have not informed their prior landlord of their moving, they may not have given proper notice which in and of itself is a good way to screen.  Once we verify rental and employment history, we then run the credit report.  As the credit report is ran through us, we are the "end user".  We are the ones that use the report to to help determine the screening of the tenant.  We can not provide a copy to you  nor the tenant with the report.  This  requirement is set by the credit bureau when we were approved to run credit reports.  Remember, this is your property and your risk.  If you prefer to screen your tenant, let us know that you are using your source

  • Inspections and Move Ins.  Whether your screening a tenant's prior residence before they move in to yours or wanting the see the condition of your own property, if using economy pricing the fee is $150.  Be aware that if outside of our area, we will use outside appraisers or realtors. This also would be the fee if you want us to move the tenant in to your property and fill out the lease.  However, this service is only offered in the noted counties along the wasatch front.

  • Leasing Agency.  If you desire us to show your property while vacant and locate the tenant moving them in, the fee is as follows:

  1. 10 percent and 1/2 of the ​rent initially collected when the tenant moves in.  This usually saves an owner  1/2 of the year/6 months in fees when using the economy pricing.  The monthly $75 does not start until the following month.

  2. Collect from the tenant a "tenant initiation fee" of $200 fee.  Of this, the $65 credit report comes out of.  Historically when renting a property if the deposit is the same as rent, $200 of the security deposit is termed a "tenant initiation fee".




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