"Due to some health limitations, I will not be doing this reports currently."-Brett

Order A Report

Please read all the steps below before paying!


1.  Please pay for your report by clicking here which will take you to the Payment Page. If you are using this for a  loan or mortgage, due not pay nor order the appraisal report here.  Your Lender will have to order it through their proper channels or AMC (Appraisal Management Company).


2.  Then, Email  brett@parkerproperties.com with your name, address, and why you are ordering the report. You can also text Brett at 801-205-1939.


3.  Brett will confirm the receipt of the order and text/email you back. I try to have a written record so I don't forget!

4. Payment is required up front.  If I don't do any work, all or part are refundable.  Just let me know as soon as you can if you need to cancel. If the report is complete, the work has been done with no refunds.