Applying to Rent a Property

Should you desire to rent one of our properties, please do the following:


1.  Please preview the property here you have interest in renting.  Unless otherwise noted as "under contract", the property will still be available to rent.  If you live in town, please be acquainted with the area. Then call our office to schedule an appointment to see the property. In most cases, you'll be asked when you call if you have seen the property online or if you have driven by. If you do not live in the area or are unable to see the property and have sufficient information, please proceed to step number 3.

2.  At the time of the appointment, you can apply for the property by filling out a rental application provided or you can take one with you and fill it out prior to the appointment. At the time you can either pay your $60 application fee by check or cash.  Should you not desire to apply nor pay at the time of the appointment, you can fill out an application later and drop it off with your payment at our office.  Otherwise,  go to step number 3.

3.  Fill out the Rental Application and pay the Rent Application Fee of $65 ($5 extra dollars covers our expense). We will be advised once you have paid that you have done so by our payment network.

4.  Once your application has been received, we will proceed to verify your rental and employment history.  Should this then look ok, we will then evaluate your credit and criminal history. This process can take 1-2 days. Should additional information be required, we will contact you.  Should we find that your rental, employment/income, credit/criminal history is accepted or not, we then will inform you. Should you be denied per the application results, refunds will be sent to you as noted in the rental application. If your application is then approved, we'll proceed to step #6.

5. The final step in the approval process and when possible, is our coming by your current home where you are currently living to see how you have kept your current residence.  This assures that you will keep our property as you have kept your current residence. Should you live out of town or state, we may have a 3rd party come inspect your residence.

6.  Once approved, arrangements will be made as to a move in date.  We generally will not hold a property beyond 2 weeks.  We also at this time will require a deposit to hold the property  until the move in time.